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Are you and your family safe and secure online? ReadyWisconsin and the Wisconsin Homeland Security Council want to help protect your digital life.

Check out the information and videos below and become Cyber Savvy.

Safety Tips for Computer Users

Tips for Mobile Devices

Scams and Scoundrels

Latest Tips and Scams

Don’t Take the Bait on Phishing Scams

Trick or Treat… or Should We Say Trick or Threat?

What to Do After a Retail Data Breach

2013 Internet Crime Report

Scam Alert-Business Email Compromised

Learn about “Cyber Hygiene”. These basic steps can help organizations fight cyber attacks:

  • Count: Know what’s connect to and running on your network.
  • Configure: Implement key security settings to help protect your system.
  • Control: Limit and manage those who have admin privileges to change, bypass or override your security settings.
  • Patch: Regularly update all apps, software and operating systems.
  • Repeat: Regularize the top priorities to form a solid foundation of cyber security for your organization.


Cyber Savvy Radio Public Service Announcement #1 (mp3)

Cyber Savvy Radio Public Service Announcement #2 (mp3)


ReadyWisconsin is an initiative of Wisconsin Emergency Management designed to educate and empower Wisconsinites to prepare for
and respond to all kinds of emergencies including natural disasters and potential terrorist attacks.

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