People handing out water and other goods to community
You can help your community prepare and help with recovery. After a disaster, people come together to help. The first […]
When emergencies strike, public safety officials and the National Weather Service use timely and reliable systems to alert you. If […]
People looking at fire damaged car and property
People are also often concerned about “what’s next” following disaster. Recovery is usually a gradual process. In the seconds, minutes, […]
Space weather can have significant effects on satellites, power grids, global positioning systems, and commuter air and space travel. The […]
Nuclear power plants use the heat generated from nuclear fission in a contained environment to convert water to steam, which […]
Pentagon after 9/11
Terrorism continues to evolve. Threats may come from abroad or be homegrown. Terrorists use tactics such as biological agents, weapons, […]
When conditions are dry, wildfires can threaten woodland, prairies, and natural areas. These fires have the potential to spread quickly. […]
Person sitting in front of computer with padlock on screen
Every time we connect to the Internet—at home, at school, at work, or on our mobile devices—we make decisions that […]
covid cells
A pandemic is an outbreak of a disease that occurs over a wide geographic area and typically affects a significant […]
Power lines
Severe storms are devastating to homes, properties, and lives. These storms can also take down power lines. When the power […]