STEP Events

(MONONA, Friday, January 17, 2020) – During a visit to Winnequah School in Monona today, Gov. Tony Evers kicked off a statewide program that teaches students how to be prepared for natural disasters and emergencies. The Student Tools for Emergency Planning program, or STEP, is a turn-key classroom curriculum for teachers to prepare 4th and […]

STEP Curriculum

Student Tools for Emergency Planning (STEP) Student Tools for Emergency Planning, or STEP, is a classroom-based emergency preparedness curriculum for fourth and fifth grade students. Students will learn about disasters, emergencies, and hazards, and how to create a disaster supply kit and family emergency communication plan. The FEMA-designed curriculum can be presented as written or […]


Fifth grade students across Wisconsin are learning to be ready for disasters and emergencies through STEP, which stands for “Student Tools for Emergency Planning.” STEP is designed to teach students how to prepare for various emergencies including tornadoes, flooding and storms. It also encourages them to share the information with their families and to develop […]