Dealing with Drought Conditions

Download Wisconsin Drought Fact Sheet

A drought occurs when the state experiences a prolonged period of dryness, which reduces water levels. Droughts can put the health and safety of the public at risk, and increase the chances of disasters such as wildfires, flash floods, and landslides.

When areas are experiencing periods of drought, consider taking the following steps to protect yourself:

Stay cool and drink plenty of water – Droughts are often accompanied by periods of high temperatures, which can cause heat exhaustion and heat stroke. It’s important to stay hydrated and to find a cool place to get out of the heat – preferably a place with air conditioning.

Observe burn restrictions – Dry conditions can increase the risk of wildfires. Check for any restrictions on burning in your area.

Conserve water when possible – Take shorter showers, make sure you are washing full loads of laundry, and avoid watering your lawn to avoid wasting available water supplies.

Make sure you have clean water – If a drought effects local water supplies, make sure you have access to bottled water. Be sure to observe any boil orders that are issued.

Seek medical attention – If you are experiencing medical symptoms due to heat, lack of water or breathing problems that are a result of the dry air, see a doctor.

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