Radiological Threats

Radiological Attack Fact Sheet

Wisconsin Emergency Management develops plans and conducts exercises to respond to the potential release of materials from three nuclear power plants that are within or near the state’s borders. Learn more about radiological safety measures.

Know the Terms
In the event of a radiological incident, pay attention to emergency information. The following are some common terms emergency responders may use and what they mean for the public.

Notification of Unusual Event
A small problem has occurred at the plant. No radiation leak is expected. No action on your part will be necessary.

A small problem has occurred, and small amounts of radiation could leak inside the plant. This will not affect you and no action is required.

Site Area Emergency
Area sirens may be sounded. Listen to your radio or television for safety information.

General Emergency
Radiation could leak outside the plant and off the plant site. The sirens will sound. Tune to your local radio or television station for reports. Be prepared to follow instructions promptly.

During a Nuclear Power Plant Emergency

  • Keep a battery-powered radio with you at all times and listen to the radio for specific instructions.
  • Follow evacuation orders and get to a safe location.