Wisconsin Wildfire Toolkit

When conditions are dry, wildfires can threaten many of the state’s woodland and natural areas. It’s important to learn how you can help prevent these devastating blazes that can consume thousands of acres of habitat, destroy homes, and put lives at risk.

Advance planning and knowing how to protect buildings in these areas can lessen the devastation caused by a woodland fire. There are several safety precautions that you can take to reduce the risk of fire losses. Protecting your home from wildfire is your responsibility. To reduce the risk, you’ll need to consider the fire resistance of your home, the topography of your property and the nature if the vegetation close by.

Preparing for wildfires
A big part of wildfire safety is preventing them from even spreading in the first place. There are many steps you can take on your property to help prevent fires from starting and to keep structures safe in the event they become threatened by an approaching wildfire. Read more…

What to do during a wildfire
If you see a wildfire or one has been spotted in your area, take steps quickly to get out of its path and to protect your property from its approach. There are several steps you can take to help firefighters working in your area. If you are in danger, get out of the area quickly and wait until emergency responders say it is safe to return home. Read more…

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